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Unlimited social media means you don't have to pay hourly or per project. You can put it in as many requests as you want, and your dedicated social media manager will work on your requests on a first in first out basis. We offer daily posts to match your work week with industry-leading speed without compromising quality. Our social media subscription plans offer same day delivery with a maximum of 48 hour delivery, depending on the brief’s complexity and your responsiveness to questions and feedback.

We understand that social media marketing success and growth comes from being in the here and now. That’s why we offer same day turnaround with our Premium social media subscription plan. Because we value quality over everything else, your social media manager will always be switched on, alert, and fast and will keep you updated on the status of your social media posts.

Our social media subscription plans offer the perfect combination of sharable engaging content along with static images, motion graphics, social media videos and reels. You’ll get both design and content delivered to you straight from our portal.

Regardless of the type of business you are in, we recommend presence on all social media platforms, provided these are updated regularly.. With new trends and a constantly changing digital marketing landscape, social media is a must. With our premium social media subscription plan , we’ll help you do just that, so that you can get your posts (content and design) adapted for use on all social media platforms!

Our B2B - Tech focused content and visual storytellers are experienced and subject matter experts in over 15 fields. Our team has helped brands grow by sharing stories about the Metaverse, virtual reality and augmented reality, FinTech, Crypto, Blockchain, HealthTech & SportTech and everything in between. Think ESG, AI, Logistics, Edtech! You name it! We also cater to agencies who want to outsource their clients’ social media marketing while they focus on other marketing and advertising activities. Last but not least, If you’re a thought leader and want to grow your personal brand, just call on us! We free up your time so you can focus on what you do best

Take our free social media assessment and we’ll tell you which plan is best!. Don’t have the time to do an assessment? No problem, hire our team to do a detailed social media audit for you!

  • Social Media Starter Plan: Best for businesses that have tight budgets and limited resources but know that they need to have a consistent presence online. Get started for $USD 476*! This plan is great to get a taste of the powers of social media.
  • Social Media Pro Plan: Best for businesses on the rise. You have established your marketing goals and brand story, now it’s time to scale it up and expand the reach of your online presence with most popular social media plan! The social media PRO plan is fueled by a dedicated global workforce, who combine tech with talent ready to grow your brand for $USD 1,036*!
  • Social Media Premium Plan: Best for established businesses and SMEs! Amplify your social media presence and the stories you share. Get design, content, video, scheduled posting, repurposing and social media community management all in one plan with same day turnaround and unlimited revisions. This is the plan that saves you lots and gives you lots! With one subscription plan you’re getting a social media manager, content creator, a designer, a video storyteller and what’s more you'll get it in dual language for $1,836*. Compare this to hiring 3 headcounts along with other operating costs and watch the magic!

*Monthly fixed fee when purchasing annual subscription plan.

Simple answer? Save Money, Time and Energy! With one subscription you get a full team of social media experts who understand the ins and outs of the social media realm! By outsourcing your social media marketing to Stories, you save over >$65,000/annum* on Headcount and Operations! You get a team that is focused on growing your brand and sharing your story with your target audience. Use them for just about anything: Social Media strategy. Social Media content. Design. Posting. Video Editing.Did we also mention multilingual? Our storyteller will deliver stories that are SEO rich, creative and most importantly engaging and consistent in messaging. No frustrations. No Hassle!

Yes! Because we understand the importance of saving money and growing your brand, we’ve got a range of discounts available. You get a 10% Referral fee that’s applied for one month. Want even more savings? Get 12% off with a quarterly subscription and 20% off when you subscribe to our annual subscription.

If you need more volume or have additional digital marketing needs than our normal plans offer, you may get in touch, and we will provide you with a tailor-made plan with our strategic add on services. We offer brand purpose guidelines, key message house development, web design, email marketing, ad management, social media audits and a list of add-ons you can check here

With no contracts, no hidden fees and a zero-cost cancellation option, we don’t think you’ll even need a free trial! There’s more! You can book a demo call and our team would be happy to walk you through our storytelling process.

Our subscription plans are designed to cater to any tech-based businesses’ social media marketing needs. We understand that you may have additional requirements, so check out our additional [add-on services]. Some technical expertise projects should be left to specialists or in-house teams, who we partner with. Services that we do not cater to inhouse include:

  • Guaranteed social media or business growth, as a result of the posts prepared
  • Market Research & Feasibility studies
  • Public relations, events or securing feature stories or publications
  • 3D/CAD projects
  • HTML, Programming, coding, or development

Book a call if you need any of the above and we’ll work with our partners to meet your requirements.

Successful social media presence and bringing your stories to life online require that you reach your audience where they are most active. Our team of social media experts and industry specialists will put together a social media strategy for you that reflects your goals, audience and your messaging. We will help you identify the platforms that work best for your industry and the type of content and designs your audience is inclined to engage with.

We are a global workforce! That means we are available to you and your team across different time zones and work weeks. As a business, we are proud to be registered and licensed with ADGM.

We cater to all your needs. Based on your industry, we will match you with subject matter experts and specialists in the field who are well versed in industry specific lingo. We provide you with creative social media content along with royalty free stock images or graphic design. Exclusive licensed images and designs are possible as an add on. We steer clear from sexual and erotic requests, racist or ethnically offensive projects that go against our ethics.

Every social media platform has different character limits. Our expert social media managers don’t just follow best practice, we’ve taken a deeper look at what works depending on different audiences, platforms and industries to drive engagement and brand growth. Our social media plans deliver up to 2200 characters per post. Based on research here and here, we know that with the exception of LinkedIn, short and sweet is the key. So you’ll get more content delivered to promote across different platforms!

You can schedule a zoom call with your multilingual social media manager through our portal available and get real time slack coordination with our Pro and Premium social media plans. Prefer messaging? We offer directing messaging and easy coordination through our portal with our social media starter plan.

Social Media videos are great for engagement and get you more shares and views than static posts. That’s why we provide you with a balance of both. Our social media videos are sharable, message focused creative edits that are up to 60 secs. The best social media videos are ones that are snappy, on message and eye-catching. Think, product showcase, testimonials, how-tos, behind the scenes. We will stitch together royalty free images or stock video content together to share your story. We’ll also include creative commons music to bring it all to life! The videos will include your logo, colors and fonts with clear messaging. While our global team may not be able to shoot footage for you, we’d be happy to use existing material you’d like to share with us. Quality is key so if you do decide to share your own footage, let’s make sure it’s high quality.

Both Facebook and Instagram offer a creative, engaging way to connect with your audience through reels. With YouTube Shorts and TikTok also very popular, vertical swift videos are known as social media reels. How are reels different from social media videos you ask? Reels, and specifically Instagram and Facebook reels are shown to everyone! That means you can reach an audience that is yet not engaged with you. Hello new brand champions! Our team of video storytellers use the highest trending templates and audio to create eye-catching reels that combine with strong captions and messaging. Anything is possible! We can use existing social media content created for you, use footage you’ve shot or use stock. It really comes down to how creative we can get and how we share your stories.

With every chapter of your story's development, it becomes increasingly about building connections and shared experiences. For that very reason social media community management cannot be ignored. Our experienced social media managers understand the importance of growing your brand through frequent engagement and conversations. Community management is available with our premium subscription and includes daily 30 min sessions where we foster stronger ties with your audience. To maintain consistency, we prepare a list of key messages, FAQs and automated responses so that the conversation continues on when you’re not online. If you need more out of your community management, we can provide you with an in-depth community management add-on customised to your needs.

There is no limit to the number of users you can add. You may create as many Administrators or Collaborators as you wish. Our goal is to provide you with a seamless workflow that anyone in your team can access.

We don’t bill by the hour. Our fixed-rate social media subscription plans give you daily social media posts. Create a project, and we'll match you with a social media manager instantly. As soon as a project is delivered and approved by you, we'll go on to your next project request.

Any stock footage we use in your designs are royalty free and you are the ultimate owner of all creative work our team delivers. That’s content & design! Should you want exclusive rights and licenses on images, that’s possible with our add-ons.

While we don’t offer financial refunds, we offer you a no risk, cancel anytime option. With plans available as monthly subscriptions, you may cancel your account before your next renewal period to prevent auto-renewal. You’ll get your money’s worth of social media posts and have access to your account and portal until the next billing cycle where we will pause your subscription.

All of our social media subscriptions rebill each month from the date of purchase until canceled. You are charged at the start of the billing cycle (whether monthly, or annually).

If a post isn't to your liking yet, we won’t stop until you’re satisfied. Thanks to our unlimited revisions and communication capabilities through our portal, your social media manager will be in touch to get it just right.

You should expect daily output and revisions and a maximum of 48 hours for any new project. Delivery ultimately depends on the complexity of the designs in your queue, your project descriptions and speed of your approvals. We recommend submitting as many examples as possible for our team to understand your request and hit the virtual ground running.

We recommend consistent posting throughout the week and that’s why we offer daily posts to match your work week. The number of posts we can complete for you depends on the brief’s complexity and your responsiveness to questions and feedback.

Our experienced team will create a social media strategy that is appealing for your audience and will advise you on the right channels, designs and content to target.

The services that we offer are multilingual and currently available in English, French and Arabic. We will be expanding to other languages soon.


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