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Here’s where we celebrate, support, and inspire.

At the heart of our purpose, is our commitment to

We’re glad you’re here, and let’s see where this goes.

  • This is our exclusive and by-invite only Founder Community and HR Community. We’re a collective of founders, executives, and leaders each with an insatiable drive to redefine what’s possible. If that sounds like you, and you happen to have 50+ employees and $1M in annual funding or revenue, then you just might be the right fit. Welcome.

  • Here's what to expect:

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      Network & Meetups:
      Connect with experienced leaders from diverse backgrounds and industries, ranging from Founders, VCs, CEOs to CHROs, all united in their mission to build exceptional businesses at scale.
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      Enjoy complimentary access to exclusive content including Masterclasses, Roundtable Sessions, Member Spotlights, workshops, and guest talks featuring world-renowned experts.
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      Peer Support & Grow:
      Gain insights and strategies to nurture your growth in this ever-changing world from people just like you. Request to be matched with a peer, who has navigated a similar path, utilizing the power of shared experiences to illuminate your own.

Founder Community

We know how challenging and lonely entrepreneurship can be. We’ve built the Stories Founder community to support visionaries like you to grow their businesses 10X.

This global online community is real, unfiltered and a safe space for you; this is your ‘go to’ place, where you can share experiences, challenges, and triumphs. Here, you can tap into a wealth of collective wisdom and diverse perspective from exceptional entrepreneurs around the world.

Every single one of our members, and admins has their hands full. We’re each here to encourage and inspire. If you can’t give as good as you can get, this might not be for you.

HR Community

85% of employees are not engaged in the workplace, which makes your role as an HR leader in today’s dynamic business landscape challenging. We’ve built the Stories HR community to support you along your journey to achieving workplace wellbeing and growth.

This global online HR community will give you access to supportive leaders that drive honest conversations around creating a culture that propels teams to optimum performance.

We take our dedication to this community and every member, seriously. We vet every community member, so if you are contemplating joining us, only do so if you plan to be wholeheartedly committed.

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