Every founder dreams of reaching the ultimate balance between work and life. On your journey of creating this right balance, you feel a lot of guilt, and pressure when making the right decisions, asking yourself: 

– “Should you spend this holiday with your kids? Or should you focus on making more investor meetings?” – “Is it better to spend time checking up on your long-distance relative? Or triple down on solving your work-related issues?” 

News alert, whatever you choose, this ideology of balance is unattainable. You are not alone in this, these statistics will break down this prevailing myth for you. According to Forbes: 

  • 80% of business owners report feeling like they work too much.
  • 76% of companies don’t believe in achieving work-life balance.

As much as you might want to neglect it, work-life balance is unrealistic. An alternative would be seeking a more adaptable system, known as work-life harmony, where you embrace both aspects of work and life, in a way that gives you flexibility and satisfaction is the correct answer.

I- Concept of Work-Life Harmony

You may have always thought of work-life as a 50%-50% split: “Work splits 50% of your time, and the other goes for life.” While this idea was known for many years, its succession has ended as a more exciting perspective emerges. 

The essence of this system lies in discovering a harmonious fusion between the demands of work and the pursuits of personal life, in a way that gives you more flexibility and satisfaction.

There are moments when your emphasis shifts towards familial connections and leisurely activities—a phase characterized by relaxation, participation in family events, and more. Other times when you concentrate on work, a phase characterized by focus, determination, and dedication.

The ultimate aspiration is to identify the configuration that optimally resonates with your individual ambitions and performance, this will yield various advantages including enhanced concentration, better physical health, and overall well-being.  

II- Identifying What Matters Most to You

Mastering this sought-after harmony necessitates a keen understanding of your core personal priorities, which then serves as the compass guiding your chosen path. To embark on this journey of self-discovery, consider employing the following methodologies:

a- Self-reflection: Spend time introspecting and understanding your values, passions, and long-term goals.

b- Journaling: Keep a journal to record what comes to your mind to track your ideas and experiences.

c- Seeking feedback: Surround yourself with trusted who can share your insights on what they perceive as essential to you.

Undertaking the process of self-identification can be challenging yet seeking guidance through coaching can alleviate the burden of reconciling conflicting priorities. 

III. Setting unbreakable Boundaries 

There is great importance in putting boundaries between work and personal life. Dolly Parton famously states: “Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life.”

Meaning you should not let work cross over your life boundaries. 

Establishing a dedicated workspace, setting clear work hours, using productivity techniques, limiting distractions, and creating a daily schedule, could help you manage boundaries more effectively. 

One last method to managing work and life is known as “work-life” integration.

IV. Using Work-Life Integration

Integrating work-life simultaneously is an idea promoted by various business figures, including Virgin Group Founder Sir Richard Branson, who shared his perspective on this topic, stating: “I’ve never really understood why so many people separate work and play-it’s all living.” 

Richard Branson advocates that work and life shouldn’t be separated, a perspective he particularly emphasizes for those who derive deep satisfaction from their professional pursuits. 

In summary, the pursuit of work-life balance may prove to be an unattainable ideal, yet work-life harmony presents a pragmatic and enriching alternative. This approach encompasses strategies such as deliberate prioritization, the establishment of clear boundaries, and the integration of work and life elements.

By embracing the concept of work-life harmony, you open yourself to a more feasible and rewarding way of navigating life’s demands. This paradigm shift not only empowers you to craft a lifestyle that seamlessly intertwines professional and personal pursuits but also lays the foundation for a more effective and promising trajectory in both your entrepreneurial journey and personal well-being. So, make the shift, from the elusive pursuit of balance to the tangible achievement of harmony, and unlock the potential for a more fulfilling life.


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