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74% of people use social media when making a purchase decision.

Get your social media marketing sorted

Our Core Social Media Services

Social Media Content creation

Bring your stories to life online with social media content creation. Our team of content creators and copywriters are sharp, experienced, and committed to creating compelling content that reflects your brand messaging and story. They combine thorough research and industry specific knowledge to craft engaging content that will help grow your brand and build lasting online connections.

Social Media Graphic Design

Let your social media business profiles come to life and reflect your brand voice and personality with our unlimited graphic design services. Our team of creative and experienced designers are committed to using your brand guidelines to create social media templates. Once you approve, they'll hit the virtual ground running, resize all your posts and share the source files for every design.


Improve your conversion and elevate your engagement with our motion graphics solution. Our team handles just about anything: animated logos, social media advertising, typography and products! Try different approaches to see what works best for you.

Social Media Reels & Videos

Change the game with social media reels & videos. Thanks to our friends over at hubspot, we know that “Short-form videos is the top social media format". This is because social media videos allow your stories to come to life by sharing an experience. With reels and videos your brand communicates with more sight, sound and feeling than words or images, and that’s why we do it! Our experienced team of visual storytellers can do just about anything. They will stitch together royalty free images or stock video (or you can send us your footage!) to share your story. Think video stitching, subtitling, energetic transitions, and captions. As long as the brief does not turn into a full-on video production, we’ve got you covered.

Social Media Community Management

Boost your customer loyalty and engagement with daily social media community management. With a solid understanding of your brand messaging and tone, your social media manager will reply to your audience’s comments – daily! They will also manage your DMs, create FAQs and engage with your audience with our in-depth community management add-ons. Stay top of mind and earn the love and trust your story deserves!

Social Media Content Calendar

Plan ahead with ease! Your dedicated social media manager can plan the month ahead with you so that you don’t have to worry about your social media marketing throughout the month. Based on your strategy and content pillars, we will make sure that your content is well-balanced, consistent and delivers on message; stress free and at no added cost!

Social Media

Research has shown that adapting your story to different social media platforms increases your audience engagement and reach. Well versed in the social media realm, your dedicated social media manager will adapt your post (both design and content) to make the most of the platforms you are on.


Don't get lost in translation! Did you know that 70% of customers require information in their local language before making a purchase? It's time to capture that audience! Our team of multilingual social media managers and storytellers will build deeper connections for you. We currently offer English, Arabic and French content, but are happy to branch out and go beyond, should your needs arise.

Automated Social Media Posting

Save your energy and avoid juggling. Our team of experts with help of up to date trends and research will do all the posting for you. with insights from across all the social media channels and audiences we know when it's right time and day to post; ensuring optimized reach and engagement for your social media posts

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Our Add-Ons

Brand Purpose & Key Message House

Take your brand to the next level. Everyone including your staff and clients need to connect with your story and understand WHY you exist, WHAT you
do, and HOW you differentiate yourself. We help you do just that! By developing your brand purpose and key message house, we maintain quality and
consistency in tone and messaging across all your social media posts and content. This is key to bringing your story to life and ensuring that all
your social media posts are clear, crisp and concise.


A brand guideline document usually includes the general look and feel of your company’s branding. It’s everything from your logo, font, colors and
images to be used across your marketing and communication, including social media. Some of the best global brands have strong brand recall because
of consistency and repetition. We want you to be among them, cause you can! While we require all our clients to have brand guidelines for quality
and consistency purposes, we can help you out if you don’t have one.

Social Media Marketing Strategy

Grow your business and brand by having a solid social media marketing strategy in place. Your dedicated social media manager will help you get clear
on your target audience, content plan, and posting frequency per social media platform. They will also advise you on how to adapt your strategy,
repurpose your content and when to give your story an extra push.

Social Media

Focus your efforts on the right social media platforms. Your dedicated social media manager will audit your social accounts, content and designs and
help you analyze your strengths and weaknesses. They can also show you how you compare to your competitors (if you care 😉 and make recommendations
on how you can focus your efforts to get the best ROI.

Analytics and

Up your game and get the most from your social media marketing with our advanced analytics and reporting. Your dedicated social media manager will
analysis your top-performing content and report back on how you can take these to the next level. They will also add some insights and
recommendations to help you grow your brand online.

Storytelling Video

Bring your Why to life and connect with your clients. Through multiple video series, we engage all your stakeholders with testimonials, case
studies, behind the scenes soundbites and engaging video storytelling. Use them on your website, youtube channel or during your roadshows and let
everyone know what you stand for!


Build loyalty and long-term relationships with your clients with email marketing. Our team will develop email content for you that is engaging,
brand focused and creatively designed so you can get the most of your sales funnel.

Social Media account creation

Maintain brand consistency with unified social media profiles across all platforms. Your dedicated social media manager will deliver profiles that
are visually appealing and that reflect your brand guidelines and key messages, via pictures, covers, descriptions, highlights and links


Market like Coca-Cola and top Global brands. Our team will do an intensive audit on your current Marketing executions and make recommendations based
on global best practices. Based on this, you’ll walk away with: a new Marketing and Content strategy; a team structure; a clearly defined
WHY/WHAT/HOW and customer profile, and a story worth sharing!


Share your story beyond social media and stay consistent online. Our team of storytellers love creating content worth sharing. Whether it be opinion
pieces, articles, blogs, infographics, white papers or podcasts and vlog scripts, we’ll bring your story to life

Ad Management and Budgeting

Drive revenue and capture your audience’s interest with advertising. With ROI in mind, we partner with global digital experts who can handle just
about everything: ad creation, A/B testing, media planning, and campaign set up. Performance driven social media managers combine data, creativity
and strategy to help you achieve your growth goals.


Boost your customer loyalty and engagement with daily social media community management. With a solid understanding of your brand messaging and
tone, your social media manager will reply to your audience’s comments – daily! They will also manage your DMs, create FAQs and engage with your
audience with our in-depth community management add-ons. Stay top of mind and earn the love and trust your story deserves!



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