We believe that EVERY Story Matters
Only by shifting and investing in your
inner story, you can succeed

You’re here because you started your business and it’s been a roller coaster since. Sometimes you’re elated, other times you’re exhausted, burnt out, lonely and overwhelmed.

You ignore the nagging desire to quit and you hang on tight.

We get it. We’re founders ourselves with experience in the mental health space. We understand the mental and emotional journey of entrepreneurship firsthand. We’re here to tell you that the success of any venture is solely dependent on the founder’s inner story. It can either make or break the business. That’s where we come in.

In a market ridden with startup failure, we want you to be the outlier.

We want to flip the equation from 9/10 startups failing to 9/10 startups succeeding.

We want you to get to where you need to be by growing yourself first.

Because your business grows when you grow.

Invest in your story. Join our movement.

Welcome to Stories


We offer premium coaching
to shift your inner story

We are founders ourselves
and understand your journey

We are the first to offer
purpose coaching through a portal

Access founder content and community
whenever and wherever you need it

We put your personal growth first
so your business can grow

We’ve got hundreds of years
of combined experience

A glimpse at our Values


Impact is the value we breathe in and out; it is what makes us get out of bed in the morning, every day. We want to create impact in your life, personally and professionally.


Support is what every founder needs. We are founders ourselves and understand. We want you to feel seen, heard and supported through community, along your entire journey.


Your Inner Stories shape your life and business everyday. To ensure success, sometimes, you need someone to help you shift your inner story. We do that with a lot of compassion and starting with your PURPOSE in mind.

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